Team Fortress 2 - The Best Free FPS on Steam

Team Fortress 2 is a free online fps game available on PC via Steam, and although it started out as a lean game, it is now a feature-packed game with many weapons, maps and game modes. If you can put in the hours of playing you will be heavily rewarded with upgrades, but the game is also very welcoming to newcomers.

There's a reason Team Fortress 2 always makes the "best free fps games" lists across the internet. It's a first-person shooter with nine distinct classes, and they are constantly updating it with new maps, equipment, hats, and game modes.

Yes, hats are a big deal in TF2. In this game you can really customize characters, and you will have the ability to collect, craft, buy and trade weapons and hats.

The game features all the typical FPS game modes, as well as ones unique to the franchise. King of the Hill, Payload, Arena, Capture the Flag, Control Point and more.

Download Team Fortress 2 on Steam!

Here are some gameplay videos so you can get a preview of what Team Fortress 2 is all about.


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