Tribes: Ascend Review - "Fastest" Shooting Game

Tribes: Ascend review and screenshots
The pace of the game means a lot to players like me, who prefer fast-paced action over dull and boring gameplay. Yes, it is a free-to-play game and many critics claim you have to pay to win - but that argument doesn't hold since Tribes: Ascend doesn't let players buy items that you can't earn by playing.. at least not items that affect the game. 

When I first heard of the game and looked it up I thought "hey, this is the perfect free Halo alternative" for PC. After downloading and playing the game I quickly found that it was much different, although I would find it hard to believe the creators of Tribes: Ascend weren't inspired by Halo. 

Main Features

  • Large Battlefield and Fast Gameplay - The two don't usually go together, but Tribes: Ascend has large maps and it doesn't slow down the action.
  • Vehicles - Everyone likes vehicles in a first-person-shooter, especially a sci-fi shooter with cool out-of-this-world vehicles. You can actually destroy enemies from a tank, the mighty Beowulf tank that is... There is also a quick Grav Cycle for two people to ride on, and there is the Shrike, which is a flying vehicle - so you're not always stuck on the ground.
  • Jetpacks - Actually, you're not on the ground that much on this game and it's quite thrilling. The jetpacks allow you to shoot and battle in the air, which makes the gameplay more fun than other free fps games. 
  • Graphics - Excellent graphics, definitely not one of those basic, lightweight free-to-play games with ugly graphics that look like they came from 2002.
What's wrong with Tribes: Ascend and is the game dead?

Tribes: Ascend gameplay
There are still enough people playing the game to make it worth downloading, although the game developers moved onto a new project and won't be updating TA anymore. It is sad because the game is so fun and it is actually more challenging than others, but hey, maybe someone will change their mind or someone will buy the rights and give the game an upgrade in the future. 

The servers are up and online play isn't bad, although there are some moments when the gameplay is just unbearable and you simply can't play. Most of the time, it works well for me and I can play a few hours without any lagging issues.

Hi-Rez ditched Tribes: Ascend for Smite and it doesn't look like they have any interest in working on TA. Still, if you want a free scifi fps game to play on your PC then this game is it


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