Which Free-2-Play FPS Games are more like Pay-2-Win Games?

The problem with most free-to-play games is the fact that many members can simply pay to win, especially in RTS games. However, most free first-person-shooters seem to be fair for the players without cash for upgrades. There was one time when I was spending cash on Warrock every week and when I stopped, I still did just as good. So, upgrades can be nice but they don’t always mean you will win or do better than other players who haven’t paid for them.

But still, there must be some free-2-play FPS games to avoid if you refuse to pay for upgrades and add-ons. Well there are a few games that come to mind and if you do the research I will bet you the reviews agree with me, especially Battlefield Play4Free. They really know how to get their money’s worth, because Battlefield P4F is huge and players dump a lot of money into it. If you can’t pay then don’t play Battlefield Play 4 Free.

Many gamers feel that Combat Arms and Team Fortress 2 are the worst Free-2-Play FPS games ever made, although I don’t think it’s because you can pay-2-win. The truth is that most free fps games are good games, not the best, but good games with decent features. Battlefield Play-4-Free isn’t that bad, but there are many players who pay-2-win and I can’t really say that for any other free-to-play shooter that I’ve played.

Hackers are a larger problem on many of the free first-person-shooters that I’ve played, and I will be posting more detailed game reviews to warn you which games are flooded with hackers. If you want to play a free game where you can get away with hacking then you must be in luck, because I see many people get away with obvious hacks on a regular basis. For instance, gamers that fly through the map and appear to be invincible. There are many players who use map hacks to always know where the enemies are, and this gives them a huge advantage. So while there are many pay-2-win type games out there, most free-to-play fps games face other issues.

Honestly, I hardly play any of them anymore.. Combat Arms sucks now, Warrock sucks now, Battlefield Play-4-Free is a disgrace to all BF games… There must be a few good ones though, and I will find them and post reviews!!


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