Warsow | Free Futuristic FPS Game

Warsow is a fast-paced futuristic shooter that can be downloaded for free by clicking the link at the bottom of this article. Dash, dodge and jump through the game like a true cyber-athlete! Warsow can be played on Windows, Linux and even Mac OS X.

The cartoon-like world makes this game quite unique, or maybe it's the rocket launcher wielding pigs that make it unique.. Either way, it's a fun game to play and you can download it for free here. Warsow is all about speed and quick movement to get power-ups and plant a bomb before enemies notice what's going on.

All of the popular gameplay modes are available on Warsow; like Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Duel, Clan Arena and Instagib. There's even a 'gametype scripting system' which allows you to create your own custom game-mode.

Created on the Qfusion 3D Engine, Warsow is a free-to-play FPS game with great graphics. If you don't know, the Qfusion engine is a modification of Quake 2 GPL engine.

The game is also unique due to the emphasis on "trix", or trick jumps and other movements like "walljump" and "dash". Gameplay is ridiculously fast and exciting, so it's easy to get hooked on this game. There are also Power-Ups that you can grab to get the upper-hand over your opponents, such as Weak and Strong fire mode for your weapons.

Download Warsow Free - 499.1 MB

You can download the Linux or Mac OS X versions at the developer's download page.


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