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Soldner: Secret Wars, or SSW is a game developed by Wings Simulations and published by JoWooD Productions in May 2004. It's a first person shooter, but you can play in third-person view as well if that's what you prefer.

SSW is different from many 1st person shooter because it gives players the ability to control ground vehicles, planes, VTOLs and even helicopters. It doesn't have the best graphics, although the graphics are not horrible by any means. Players describe this game as highly addictive, so it's a great game to download if you have an older, or slower PC.

There are over 14 million square miles of terrain on this game - non-repeating terrain. So it's no surprise that the graphics aren't the best, as I don't think the developers had the kind of budget to create anything better.

SSW is action-packed, so you won't find yourself getting bored for a minute! Jets, tanks, and so many other vehicles that it's just insane. Many first-person-shooters don't include the ability for players to control vehicles, so if you love vehicle warfare then this game is a must-download. Even Call of Duty doesn't allow you to shoot down your opponents from tanks and jets, at least not like this..

Soldner: Secret Wars is meant to be played online, however there is a single-player campaign mode that is for training. If you've played a lot of fps games in the past then you probably don't need to play the single-player mode, but if you are new to PC fps games then definitely play campaign mode first. There are players online who have been playing SSW for many years so they will likely make it miserable for you in the beginning, but don't worry, this game is addicting and you will get some good kills in.

Sniping is fun as hell on this game because of the large battlefield, but there are so many automatics and rockets that there are many ways for newbs to get in some easy kills. Unlike other free-to-play FPS games, SSW doesn't require a ton of cash for paid upgrades, the game is pretty fair and it's not necessary.

If you like Battlefield, or if you like vehicle warfare then you should download this game and give it a try! If you have a low-end PC that doesn't have the hardware required to play larger games online, then download Soldner: Secret Wars, it will run just fine on your PC.

Download Soldner: Secret Wars Community Edition FREE - 520.7 MB


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