Cross Fire Review | No Longer Worth Downloading...

5 years ago Cross Fire would be a great game to play, however nowadays there are many better options. Free FPS games like War Rock and Combat Arms provide the players with regular updates and more features. Since the game doesn't take up much space on your harddrive, this game is a good choice for people with low-end computers.

The graphics are not realistic at all - so if you can't appreciate a game with poor quality graphics then don't even consider this game. Again, this makes the game performance better for people with 'slower' computers. As of recently, there hasn't been too many hackers or any other problems of that nature - but the community is getting smaller and smaller.

Another thing to mention is that many people have complained about malware installing with Cross Fire, although they might have agreed to install the malware. So, definitely be careful when installing this game as there have been complaints all over the Internet about junk programs being bundled in. AVG and other security programs will often block access to Cross Fire, so make sure to make an exception for this game or it won't run. 
Using Windows Vista? There's been a lot of recent complaints about Cross Fire not working properly or even installing on PC's running Windows Vista. 

In contrast, there are some good things about this game. For instance, there are a good amount of game modes to keep you entertained and challenged. There is hero mode, mutation mode, ghost mode, escape mode and free-for-all. However, that's about all this game has to offer - as the graphics and overall amount of features is low-end. Until they launch a bunch of new features and upgrade the game's graphics, Cross Fire is no longer worth downloading.


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