3 Free FPS Games for Ubuntu

I recently made the switch to Ubuntu and had to find new fps games to play online. I did a quick google search to find some of the most popular games available for Ubuntu and game them each a shot. I found that the following are the best 3 free fps games to play under linux, in my case Ubuntu.
I will write more detailed reviews once I've played the games more... but so far my favorite is "Nexuiz". I think the graphics are great, and a lot of people play this game. It has all the basic online game modes, such as team deathmatch and capture the flag. But, unlike most free fps games, these games actually have a single player campaign mode, this is a huge surprise. I don't remember Warrock or Combat Arms having a single player campaign mode, I may be wrong though... Anywhere, here's the best three first person shooters for Ubuntu and their download links.

Open Arena - Download
Nexuiz - Download
Alien Arena - Download


  1. These are great games. You might like some of the smaller games on dotdeb.com though. I've found that they don't have to be the most technically advanced to keep me busy for hours.


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